Ab Separation Rehab   
Learn the tools to Rebuild Your Core Strength & Treat Diastasis Recti
Specializing in the Tupler Technique® - the only research based exercise program that is proven in treating and reducing a diastasis.

Servicing Northern CA*
Ab Separation Rehab ® *located in Orinda, CA:
providing services to Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Berkeley and Northern CA,  able to travel to Southern CA
Contact Information: 415-850-4065, abseparation@gmail.com


The majority of my training is done in private sessions on weekdays from 9am-2pm. Tupler Technique recommends 3 sessions over 6 weeks. However, I find that each client has different needs and training will generally consist of 1-3 sessions depending on the severity of your condition. The first private session is always 90 minutes long ($150). If we decide that you could benefit from more than one session, it is generally recommended that we see each other in 2-3 week intervals, with the 3rd session being the final session. If it is not realistic to meet this often, you will have flexibility with scheduling sessions and can space them out over a shorter or longer period of time if necessary..  The second session is usually 60 minutes ($100) and the third session is usually 60-75 minutes ($100-$125).  

Currently there are no Group Workshops or Group Seminars on the Schedule. If there is a Group Workshop being offered, it will occur at the beginning of week 1 (1.5-3hrs depending on the size of your group), the end of week 3 (2hr) and the end of week 6 (2hr).  Seminars are sometimes offered and are for those who just want the first session of the workshop. The length of the Seminar is 2.5-3 hours. 

Single private sessions are also offered and are a great option if you have been doing the program on your own:  Cost: 60 min - $100; 90 min - $150


The 3 sessions are usually structured as follows:

  • Session 1 – 1st meeting (diastasis check and/or abdominal strength assessment, splinting, postural analysis, anatomy and learn the 4 steps of the Tupler Technique® )*

  • Session 2 – 2nd meeting (diastasis check and/or abdominal strength assessment, progression of seated exercises, analysis of everyday activities and alignment, double splinting and head lifts)*

  • Session 3 – 3rd meeting (diastasis check and/or abdominal strength assessment, analysis of everyday activities and alignment, incorporating the Tupler Technique® into a total body workout)

            *I’ll be accessible by phone or email for support in between sessions if needed

You will learn:

  • Proper Posture, Analysis of Alignment and Recommendations for ways to live your life Core Strong
  • How to do the Tupler exercises properly and modify the exercises if/when necessary
  • How to get up and down correctly
  • Basic anatomy of the Abdominals
  • How to wear your splint
  • How to Incorporate your strengthened core into a workout
  • How to close a Diastasis, flatten your belly and shrink the waistline
  • How to check yourself for a Diastasis


These sessions are for women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, whether it is your 1st or 4th!! 

You will learn:

  • How to strengthen the muscles you need for labor
  • How to effectively activate or relax those muscles during labor
  • How to push effectively in the 2nd stage of labor 
  • How to keep your diastasis from becoming larger throughout the pregnancy and especially during labor and delivery


The purpose of this session is to:
  • Prevent the occurrence or recurrence of a diastasis recti or hernia
  • Turn your belly button from an outie to an innie again. (healing a diastasis helps heal an umbilical hernia, if you repair the umbilical hernia without healing the            connective tissue the hernia will reoccur)
  • Maintain the integrity of the surgical sutures after abdominal surgery
  • Strengthen and re-educate the abdominal muscles prior to surgery so you know how to use them correctly postop.  

You will learn:
  • The 4 steps of the Tupler Technique®
  • Breathing and coughing correctly
  • Proper posture
  • Getting in and out of bed correctly
  • Going to the bathroom correctly
  • Standing up and sitting down correctly
  • Strengthening abdominals correctly

  • ​15 minute Consultation/Diastasis Check - $25

  • 30/60/90 minute Private Sessions: 30 minutes - $50; 60 minutes - $100; 90 minutes - $150

  • 3 Private Session Package: 5 total hours of training​ plus Tupler Splint and Tupler guidebook: $425 (streaming dvd can be purchased separately)

  • Single Private Sessions: 30 minutes - $50; 60 minutes - $100; 90 minutes - $150
                *The first session is almost always 90 minutes/$150

  • Group Workshop Package (8-10 people): includes 3 sessions (7 training hours) splint and guidebook: $275

  • Seminar (1st session of the Workshop): $75

  • Small Group Format (max 3 people): 3 sessions (7 training hours) splint and guidebook for a total of: $325

If you wish to form and/or host your own group for any of the programs, you will receive a 10% discount off any of the training packages.  

For the Online Program Options, click HERE

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​For Workshops and Seminars ONLY - Refunds will only be given on cancellations up to 1-week prior to the class
•Cancellations after 1-week prior to the class will not be refunded, but under special circumstances may be credited toward a future session 
• If enrolled in a current workshop and you must miss a 2nd or 3rd session, makeups will be given based on availability of workshops. If you are not able to join another workshop and a special session is needed, then you will be charged an additional $40/makeup session • A minimum of 5 participants is needed for a workshop to be held. In the event that the class is not large enough it will be rescheduled for a later date 
• Private training sessions may be canceled/rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance

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