Ab Separation Rehab   
Learn the tools to Rebuild Your Core Strength & Treat Diastasis Recti
Specializing in the Tupler Technique® - the only research based exercise program that is proven in treating and reducing a diastasis.

Servicing Northern CA*
Ab Separation Rehab ® *located in Orinda, CA:
providing services to Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Berkeley and Northern CA,  able to travel to Southern CA
Contact Information: 415-850-4065, abseparation@gmail.com
Barbara Martello - Berkeley -  http://www.barbaramartelloacupuncture.com

• Dr. Alan Connealy and Ali Leitheiser - Connealy Chiropractic, Bay Area - http://www.connealychiro.com
Dr. Taylor Rabbetz - Chiro Medical Group, SF - http://chiromedicalgroup.com 

Integrative Manual Therapy
• Dr. Alan Connealy and Ali Leitheiser - Connealy Chiropractic, Bay Area - http://www.connealychiro.com

Marriage/Family Therapy
Nicole George O’Brien – Oakland - www.nicolegeorgeobrien.com

Massage Therapy
Maggie Dill - Oakland, East Bay -  http://www.bodyworkwaltz.com

Dr. Annie Gartner - 360 Medical Weight Specialist, Walnut Creek - http://www.360mws.com
• Optimum Life Nutrition - San Francisco -  https://www.facebook.com/OptimumLifeNutrition?ref=stream
Sara Russell - Berkeley -  http://yourprobiotickitchen.com

OB/Gyn – Sutter East Bay Physicians
Dr. Jill Foley - East Bay -  http://www.sutterhealth.org/dr-jill-d-foley.html
Dr. Poddatoori - East Bay -  http://www.sutterhealth.org/dr-vineela-r-poddatoori.html
CNM Carol Tracy - East Bay - http://www.sebmf.org

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Daphne Ross, PT – East Bay - http://www.altabatessummit.org/lafayette/pelvic.html
• Elizabeth Miracle, PT - San Francisco - http://www.miraclephysicaltherapy.com

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery   
Dr. Karen Horton - San Francisco - http://www.drkarenhorton.com

Barre 3 Online - http://www.barre3.com/

Baby Boot Camp – Mary McQueen - http://www.babybootcamp.com/CA-Oakland.aspx
Fit2Be Studio – Online Fitness Portal – Use Code: cbjorn for discounts - http://fit2b.us

Christina Fisch - www.elcerritofitness.com
Stephanie Forster, Preggo Pilates - San Francisco - http://www.preggopilates.com

Personal Training
Anna Gunn - East Bay -  http://www.oaklandbootcamp.com/aboutus.html

Restorative Exercise
Restorative Exercise Institute - http://www.restorativeexercise.com

Bay Area Health & Wellness
The following professionals are all educated about the Tupler Technique and Diastais Recti. They all understand the importance of Diastasis and Core rehabilitation as well.
Bay Area & Online Fitness Resources
The Following Fitness Resources offer Diatasis/Core Safe Exercises and/or Modifications for Diastasis
Online Education & Rehabilitation Resources

The Alignment Institute - http://www.alignedandwell.com

The Tummy Team - 

The Tupler Technique - use code: cbjorn for discounts

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