Ab Separation Rehab   
Learn the tools to Rebuild Your Core Strength & Treat Diastasis Recti
Specializing in the Tupler Technique® - the only research based exercise program that is proven in treating and reducing a diastasis.

Servicing Northern CA*
Ab Separation Rehab ® *located in Orinda, CA:
providing services to Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Berkeley and Northern CA,  able to travel to Southern CA
Contact Information: 415-850-4065, abseparation@gmail.com
Before and After Photos:
Client B: Week 1, Waist Size: 32.5 inches
Diastasis: Top: 3 finger width
Middle: 2.5 finger, Bottom: 3 finger
Client A: Week 6, Waist Size: 29 inches
Diastasis: Top: Closed
Middle: 1.5 finger, Bottom: less than 1 finger
Client A: Week 1, Waist Size: 30.5 inches
Diastasis: Top: 10 fingers
Middle: 10 fingers, Bottom: 10 fingers
Client A: Week 6, Waist Size: 29 inches
Diastasis - Top: 3 fingers, Middle: 4 fingers 
Bottom: 4 fingers 
 Expert Opinions/Testimonials: 

"Julie Tupler is an expert on diastasis recti" - Dr.Oz (Oprah & Friends)

"By continuing to do the Tupler Technique exercises every day, your Mummy Tummy goes away and that aching back will disappear as well". - Elle Macpherson (actress/model/businesswoman)

"The Tupler Technique ...is great for maintaining the results of stomach surgery". - Dr Sharon Giese, plastic surgeon (in New Beauty Magazine vol 4 issue 4 Fall/Winter 2008)

Client C: Week 1, Waist Size: 42"
Diastasis - Top: 3 fingers, Middle: 3 fingers
Bottom: 4 fingers
Client C: Week 6, Waist Size: 37"
Diastasis - Top: 2 fingers, Middle: 2 fingers
Bottom: 2 fingers
CLIENT B: In 6 weeks of the Program Lost 3 1/2 inches off the Waist!
CLIENT A: In 6 weeks of the Program Diastasis went from 10 fingers to 4 fingers! 
CLIENT C: In 6 weeks of the Program lost 5 inches off the waist!! 


A study was conducted at Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy . Results demonstrated that the women utilizing the Tupler Technique® exercises had a smaller diastasis than the control group who did not do these exercises.
— Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy Volume 29, No. 1, Spring, 2005

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