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Learn the tools to Rebuild Your Core Strength & Treat Diastasis Recti
Specializing in the Tupler Technique® - the only research based exercise program that is proven in treating and reducing a diastasis.

Servicing Northern CA*
Ab Separation Rehab ® *located in Orinda, CA:
providing services to Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Berkeley and Northern CA,  able to travel to Southern CA
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Diastasis Recti is a Separation of the Rectus Abdominus or Outermost Abdominal Muscles. It is caused by force or pressure on the connective tissue that joins the rectus abdominus muscles.
Cheryl specializes in working with Females and Males of any age who have a weak or 
dysfunctional core, and/or diastasis recti or have undergone surgery to repair a diastasis due 
but not limited to: 

  • Past, previous, or current pregnancy 
  • Poor posture 
  • Performing exercise and simple activities of daily living incorrectly
  • Injury

Rebuilding and strengthening your core and/or closing a Diastasis is possible. 
In the vast majority of cases, surgery should not be required. 

You will learn how to rebuild your abdominal muscles by retraining your Transverse Abdominus (your inner abdominal muscles or "core") to properly function.  In 1-3 sessions you will learn to rebuild your core by doing a few simple things every day: (1) a minimal amount of daily therapeutic exercises, (2) integrating your core into your activities of daily living including getting up and down properly and practicing proper posture and alignment, (3) splinting or taping if needed, and/or (4) incorporating your strong and rebuilt core into safe and effective fitness practices if you exercise.

If you have diastasis, we will also work on healing the connective tissue that joins the outermost abdominal muscles known as the rectus abdominus. Healing the connective tissue is all about putting the connective tissue in a better (or narrow) position to heal, bringing blood flow to the area, protecting the area and eliminating intra abdominal force and pressure on it when doing any type of activity. 

Using the Tupler Technique® as a foundation for treatment, Cheryl will teach you the skills to become "core strong" for the rest of your life. Cheryl offers services in the San Francisco East Bay and occasionally travels to Newport Beach to train clients.

Are you a Male or Female and feel like you can't totally connect to your core muscles...
  • Regardless of the amount and type of cardio or exercise classes you do?
  • No matter how long you hold your plank?
  • Regardless of the amount of crunches you attempt?
  • No matter how many "core exercises" you have tried?

Do you suffer from:
  • Low Back Pain?
  • Occasional leakage of urine when you cough, sneeze or exercise? (this can also help: http://www.gyneflex.com/)
  • Poor posture due to a weak center or core?​
  • An umbilical hernia?
  • An "Outie" belly button that used to be an "Innie"?

Have you:
  • Gained a significant amount of weight around your stomach?
  • Been pregnant at any point in your life? 
  • Been mistaken as still pregnant?
  • Been pregnant more than once and with each pregnancy your belly gets bigger and bigger?
  • Decided to undergo or considered abdominal surgery? (we can help you prepare)
  • Undergone abdominal surgery? (we can help you recover so you maintain the integrity of the surgery and stitching)

Picture of Diastasis Recti 
Picture of a closed Rectus Abdominus and strong and functional core muscular system

What is an Ab Separation? 
How do I know if I suffer from a weak or dysfunctional core and/or diastasis recti? 
(If you answer Yes to any of the questions below you are a candidate to work with Cheryl)
How do I heal my weak Core or Ab Separation?
Cheryl Williams Bjornson,
Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer & Official Provider of 
the Tupler Technique® 
The outermost abdominal muscles are the support system for your back and organs. When the muscle separates, the connective tissue stretches sideways, which weakens the support for your back and organs because they are now supported by the connective tissue and not your muscles. 
How do I check for a Diastasis?
Please click here to learn how to check your own belly for Diastasis Recti
How do I buy the Tupler Splint and other products?
Click here to Order Products. Or click on the Products button at the top of any page on this website. 
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Picture of a strong and functional core 
muscular system